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Professional LLC Formation

A Professional Limited Liability Company is an LLC required for specific individuals. This entity is designed for licensed professionals, including but not limited to: real estate agents, lawyers, doctors, architects, engineers and chiropractors. Most states do not allow licensed professionals to utilize the LLC structure; therefore the professionals obtain a Professional Limited Liability Company (PLLC) instead.

Why form a PLLC? The main reason professionals decide to form a Professional Limited Liability Company is to separate the individual from the entity. The idea is for the individual to not be personally liable for any debts or lawsuits that the business incurs.

Who Should Form PLLCs

Each state has different requirements in their PLLC formation; therefore Paramount Documents takes care of gathering all the information necessary to obtain a PLLC in the state you choose. Professional LLC filing fees vary by state but Paramount Documents makes the whole PLLC formation process hassle-free.

** California does not allow professionals to form PLLC's, however licensed professionals can obtain a professional corporation.

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